~Green Vibes~

In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you.

list of serious, no-nonsense things
formal, written apologies
ed edd n eddy yaoi
wine tastings
cheese platters

There is no need to hide
your are my divine lover inside
my groom and bride
my ocean tide

I feel I died
and carried you to me
now we swim free
in a ocean of infinite

There is only one here
and that is you dear
Its time to come home

From the darkness you roamed
marry me again
with me ascend
Its ok to be innocent and naked

I promise you will be forever taken
So come back home
share with my in vulnerable tones

This eternal epihinay
our hearts in a symphony 
dearly beloved…….

Dissolve into me

I write poems that comb
caressing feelings
in de ja vu
I remember you

I see you in a candles bloom

don’t take me too soon..

I enjoy this gift
that lovers find
although I feel its time

I heard you you sounds
that ancient chime

grandfathers clock.. 
tick tock….. tick tock…. 

Do you feel you only exist inside me?
a endless tree
you are the branches of me
A exquisite see in need

Our purpose if to reflect your love 
to see there is no separation
you are a still pond 
rippled into reverberation

So dance with me
innocent and naked
as we spiral back into the sacred

pure presence…..


I look into your eyes
I see gods shimmering glisten

This snake charmer
sensual dharma 
close as a intimate partner
I blessing given through a kiss

coaxing a serpent
into eternal bliss

I know all of your history
there is nothing to hide
come out of your closet 
I hear your cry

I read you like a compass
compassion be the dial

I breathed everlasting life into you
and not enjoy you smile

I exposure of evervascent water
flowing from heaven 
iridescent showers

sharing stories 
through a soundless hour

Do you feel me now? 
Your boundless power
omnipresent whispers

cheerful tears 
flowering streams
I fell to my knees……


my weeping heart
from a ageless start
here me now 
in pageless art……………..